The Disciples of Christ: Still Crazy After All These Years

Desperately seeking relevance, the habitually dwindling Disciples of Christ denomination announced that Indiana, having had the audacity to pass a version of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, will not be host to their annual denominational convention. Once again the Disciples of Christ have put on public display what happens when a once Christian organization untethers itself from biblical authority.

Commenting on this most recent act of self-destruction from the DoC, Mark Tooley writes:

The Disciples of Christ letter noted that 6000 are expected at its 2017 convention.  It doesn’t mention that such a number represents over one percent of the total national membership of the highly shrunken denomination, which has the distinction of losing a higher percentage of membership than any other liberal Mainline denomination, all of which have shriveled.  The Disciples have lost about 70 percent, despite its widely advertised radical hospitality.  It will not be long before its entire membership can convene in a stadium, or perhaps a private back room at Chuck E. Cheese’s.
Why would even a hyper liberal denomination oppose religious freedom and free speech, labeling it “hatred” and “bigotry?”  Originally RFRA laws were intended to protected small religious groups like the Amish and Sikhs from undue burdens on practicing their faith in public life.  It was not imagined there would come a day when laws might seek to jail or financially destroy nuns, rabbis or Christian camp counselors who prefer to abstain, even within their own domiciles, from the next wave of sexual and gender experimentation.  And there’s always a next wave, always more provocative than the previous, and always accompanied by a shrill chorus angrily berating any and all dissent.
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