The Constant Reader

I am launching a new feature at 1517 called "The Constant Reader." The goal will be to offer book reviews, recommendations, as well as words of caution concerning problematic books. One of God's good gifts to me as a pastor is the responsibility to study and read. It is a discipline I love and take seriously. I also know that the average non-pastor does not have the time or energy to be fully aware of the best and worst books out there (and there are plenty in both categories). My hope is to to give regular help to anyone interested in better navigating the waters, so to speak.

Here are a few titles that I will soon be weighing in on:

Understanding Scripture, Grudem, Collins, and Schreiner editors

The Renewed Pastor, Melvin Tinker editor

In the meantime, you can check out a review I wrote for Thomas Schreiner's outstanding Magnifying God in Christ - HERE.