The CBF slides down an innevitable path

For those of you unschooled in Southern Baptist denominational life, the CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) is an offshoot of the SBC made up primarily of moderates and liberals who who disdain the conservative resurgence that took place in the SBC in early 1980's. To be sure, there are some within the CBF who are not liberal theologically but find themselves associated with the group out of frustration with the SBC. However, for many others, The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is an opportunity to finally be free of the doctrinal and social underpinnings of conservative evangelicalism.

The CBF will ultimately collapse. As the liberals within their ranks gain more and more control so too will grow their willingness to advocate heresy. They already associate themselves with such left-wing organizations as The Baptist Peace Fellowship. They are unwilling to take a stand on issues such as abortion and homosexuality knowing that many within the CBF hold predictably liberal positions on those issues. The CBF is also unwilling to draft a statement explicitly affirming the diety of Christ, the subsitutionary atonement, and many other doctrines critical if one is to call oneself a Christian.

Check out this post on Denny Burk's blog that reports on John Killenger's recent remarks at a CBF workshop. The question must be asked: Can a people be called Christian when they deny the most fundamental truths about Jesus Christ?