Take and Read

The following are some books that I have read in the past few months. Each one is well worth reading.

The Happy Christian by David Murray
Those looking for simplistic sentimentalism should look elsewhere. But for those who would like a robust and hopeful theology for a life that is happy in Christ, The Happy Christian is a terrific read. 
Unashamed Workman edited by Rhett Dodson
I try to always be reading a book on some aspect of pastoral ministry. This new volume on preaching did not disappoint. 
Rejoicing in Christ by Michael Reeves
I’ll read anything by Michael Reeves. In his new book, Reeves offers us a blessedly old and non-innovative call: Look to Christ. This is a book to read and read again. 
Spugeon’s Sorrows by Zack Eswine
Sorrow is inevitable in this life. For some, the times of sorrow can be crushing and long lasting. This wonderful little book is a sort of guided tour through Charles Spurgeon’s periodic battles with sorrow and depression. Through Spurgeon's experiences the reader is offered biblical guidance on how to be hopeful when the way seems dark. 
But for the Grace of God by Cornelus Venema
An excellent little exposition of the Doctrines of Grace. Appropriate for personal devotional reading, small group discussion, or for introducing someone to a vital dimension of the Reformed faith. 
Christians must understand and be ready to explain the Bible’s witness regarding human sexuality. This new book by Kevin DeYoung is readable, brief, and as helpful as anything I have read on the subject. 
The Quest for the Historical Adam  by William Vandoodewaard
An important new volume on the importance of affirming the biblical narrative of man’s origins. This scholarly yet readable study is a welcome contribution to the current debate over the historical Adam. Along the way, Dr. Vandoodewaard offers excellent guidance on related matters like the authority and reliability of the Bible.