Spending Conference Money Wisely

Okay, so I continue to think about Carl's post on mega-conferences with famous pastors.

His warnings about a party spirit and idolatry of certain personalities will always be relevant and important.

That said, I am less persuaded with his suggestion that the content of a conference is what matters, not the speakers. I am not suggesting that Carl says the speakers are unimportant. Clearly no one, least of all Carl Trueman would see any virtue in hosting conferences led by incompetent men. But if I have no idea who the speakers are, then how am I to know? I run the danger of wasting both the time and money the church affords me to attend conferences.

If John Piper or R.C. Sproul or Al Mohler or Carl Trueman are speaking at an event then I know it will be money and time well spent. For this reason I am persuaded that attending a conference based upon the persons speaking/preaching is not only practical (good use of money) but wise (the content will almost certainly be rich).