Sometimes You Gotta Laugh

I have been asked by some good brothers and sisters about the purpose behind the recent appearance of a new feature on the podcast, Desperate Theologizing. I understand that some of our listeners may feel a little uneasy about some of the entries. And I do understand. Sometimes certain brands of humor can appear to be disrespectful. I can assure you that our intention is not to be mean or disrespectful. 
A couple thoughts on the purpose of Desperate Theologizing:
1. Satire and humor are time honored methods of calling out error, hypocrisy, and danger. 
2. Sometimes there will be little or no controversy. Some editions of Desperate Theologizing throw a spotlight on problems so egregious that it is exceedingly difficult to suggest that satire is not an appropriate response. 
3. Sometimes Desperate Theology will strike close to home. In other words, sometimes we will point the finger at our own theological camp (Conservative, Reformed, Complementarian). For faithful listeners and readers of Mortification of Spin it is no surprise that we are troubled by many developments within our corner of the evangelical world. The Reformed and Reformed(ish) camp has been offering up a rogues gallery of problematic leaders, fierce brand loyalty, Corinthian-style fanboys, and exotic ideas. Though questions have been asked repeatedly, clarification sought, and direct appeals made, the resistance to critique has stood strong. And so when we see, for instance, elements of patriarchy being imported into the Bible’s teaching on gender distinctives we will point it out, sometimes with satire. 
When the leadership of a movement coalesces around a relatively small number of men the dangers of insular thinking and defensiveness are inevitable. At the Spin we hear from people within the top Reformed and Reformed(ish) ministries who are frightened to offer any dissent lest they lose their job or be kicked out of the club. The fear is real. For those seeking to preserve your employment, I get it. But for those of you who simply don’t want to be left out of the email loop please don’t be afraid to speak up. The water outside the club is fine.