Round and About

It is Christmas Eve and I wanted that special gift for Trueman to enjoy. I passed THIS along to him.

Sermon Audio - Last week I preached from Matthew 1:18-25. You can check it out HERE.

We have heard much about injustice in recent months. It is a worthy subject to be sure, especially for Christians. However an exponentially greater and more damaging reality than police misconduct can be found right HERE. Any conversation about what is ailing us in the current debate that ignores the reality observed in this article will be an ultimately unhelpful conversation.

Sometimes church is just too exhausting!

"As we try to argue for our position, our opponents have simply narrated theirs, identifying their revolutionary positions with the reasonable and the normal by using the most apparently harmless and familiar of cultural idioms." - If you have not read Trueman's article in First Things you ought to.

File under: "You Just Can't Make This Up"