PSA On A Current Controversy


Last week I posted a rather strong critique of the Truth’s Table podcast entitled “Gender Apartheid.” Those who have followed this blog know that I subsequently took the post down because of charges of racism that were being leveled against me. Yes, I chickened out. Those charges were wicked and untrue.

Part of the pushback I received was from a fellow PCA pastor who wrote a stern rebuke of me and gathered signatures from others who shared his opinion. Since then I have received a great deal of encouragement from across the PCA. Some who agreed with my assessment of the podcast have suggested that the signatories of the letter rebuking me are guilty of a chargeable offense in the denomination.

I want to be perfectly clear: I do not share that opinion. My fellow pastor disagreed strongly with my original post. He had every right to post a response. Certainly I do not agree with his perspective of what I wrote. I still believe my original assessment of the Truth’s Table podcast was correct. Could I have been more nuanced? Certainly. That’s probably true about many of the things I write.

Anyway, I bear no ill will toward the pastor who wrote the piece nor toward the signatories. If you are one of those who agreed with my original post I would plead with you to not take up an offense against those brothers. I am not offended. I write and podcast for public consumption. I’m well acquainted with disagreement. When you publish material publicly you have to be prepared for public challenges. Those brothers did nothing wrong in publicly disagreeing with me.

I have had a very cordial correspondence with the pastor who took me to task. He is a very kind man and a brother in Christ. I fully expect our correspondence to continue.

Fortunately there have been some very helpful critiques of the Truth’s Table podcast. I encourage you to read Rick Phillip’s post at Ref 21 and listen to an extremely helpful podcast from Pastor Jon Payne and Doctor Gabriel Williams.