Pro-Life policies DO make a difference

I have heard it said many times, even on this blog that it doesn't matter if pro-life politicians win public office because there is little to nothing they can do about abortion. The evidence, however, tells another story.

Michael New, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Alabama has written an important piece over at Public Discourse. Dr. New writes:
During the past 35 years, the pro-life movement has made some real progress--progress that pro-lifers could at times do a better job of advertising. During the 1990s more states enacted parental-involvement laws, waiting periods, and informed-consent laws. More importantly, the number of abortions has fallen in 12 out of the past 14 years and the total number of abortions has declined by 21 percent since 1990. These gains are largely due to pro-life political victories at the federal level in the 1980s and at the state level in the 1990s, both of which have made it easier to pass pro-life legislation. Furthermore, since the next President may have the opportunity to nominate as many as four justices to the Supreme Court, the right-to-life movement would be very well advised to stay the course in 2008.

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