Presiding over the ruins...

The longer I am an "evangelical" the more I realize that I have less and less in common with this far too broad, unserious, banal, (feel free to supply your own adjective) movement.

I was going to comment on Phil Johnson's latest sobering and excellent post but Carl Trueman supplies the commentary quite nicely.

Trueman writes:

I read 2 Cor 6 this morning. Then, in an idle moment, my attention was brought to Phil Johnson's latest post over at Pyromaniacs. As usual, the good doctor nails it. And I was more sickened than I have been for many a year by what he highlights there -- the videos and the defence of what the videos contain by one of the great and the good.. WARNING: it contains material, language and behaviour many viewers will find offensive. Sadly, that is not unusual in 'gospel' circles these days.

My mind went to 2 Corinthians 6:6-7. And given the identities of the men involved and their "great white hope" status in terms of gospel outreach, I was left wondering if I really do believe a different gospel after all.

Check it out for yourselves, bearing in mind the `viewer discretion' notice I posted. And thanks to Phil Johnson for having the courage the blow the whistle on such wicked ugliness parading itself as the light of gospel hope. I am sure he'll get ignored or creamed or ridiculed by the establishment; but such was always the way. That is what Paul describes elsewhere in that same chapter.