On Hell

Let's face it. Hell is not a subject that most of us love to preach about. But preach we must. Jesus warned of the coming judgment and Hell more than anyone in the New Testament. To not follow his example is to do spiritual violence to those around us. I'm not calling for Hell to be injected into all of our sermons and conversations. In fact, if it gives you pleasure to speak of the torments of Hell then perhaps you ought not be the one doing it. That said, we must not be embarrassed by the bible's teaching on the final judgment and Hell. Nor should we be dismayed. God's wrath is a proper expression of his justice and holiness, attributes for which we worship Him.

The following articles and books are helpful in not only deepening our understanding of Hell but may also serve to aid us in our communication of this sober reality.

The Importance of Hell by Tim Keller
Paul On Hell (pdf) by Douglas Moo
Francis Turretin on the doctrine of Hell 
Hell by Thomas Boston
Hell and Annihilationism by Sam Storms
Speaking Seriously and Sensitively About Hell by Ligon Duncan
A Review of Rob Bell's "Love Wins" by Kevin DeYoung
Hell: Remembering the Aweful Reality (Various Authors) 9 Marks Journal

What Happens to Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel? by John Piper
Universalism and the Reality of Eternal Punishment Sinclair Ferguson (Conference Messages)
The Echo and Insufficiency of Hell by John Piper
How Could a Loving God Send Someone to Hell? by Al Mohler

Hell Under Fire, Morgan & Peterson (ed.)
What Is Hell? by Morgan & Peterson
Heaven & Hell by Edward Donnelly
Is Hell For Real? by Christopher Morgan
The Other Side of the Good News by Larry Dixon