On Hell

Over at Ref21, I have posted the following list of resources on the doctrine of Hell.
The Importance of Hell by Tim Keller
Paul On Hell (pdf) by Douglas Moo
Francis Turretin on the doctrine of Hell 
Hell by Thomas Boston
Hell and Annihilationism by Sam Storms
Speaking Seriously and Sensitively About Hell by Ligon Duncan
A Review of Rob Bell's "Love Wins" by Kevin DeYoung
Hell: Remembering the Aweful Reality (Various Authors) 9 Marks Journal

What Happens to Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel? by John Piper
Universalism and the Reality of Eternal Punishment Sinclair Ferguson (Conference Messages)
The Echo and Insufficiency of Hell by John Piper
How Could a Loving God Send Someone to Hell? by Al Mohler

Hell Under Fire, Morgan & Peterson (ed.)
What Is Hell? by Morgan & Peterson
Heaven & Hell by Edward Donnelly
Is Hell For Real? by Christopher Morgan
The Other Side of the Good News by Larry Dixon
I know that Hell is an unpleasant subject for many. Some Christians struggle with the idea of Hell, wondering if it is truly just. Some prominent evangelicals have openly questioned and even dismissed entirely the Bible's teaching on Hell. Even the late John Stott opted for Annihilationism over the historic Christian understanding of Hell. The resources above will help you not only understand what the Bible teaches about the coming judgment but also to appreciate what the doctrine of Hell teaches us about the perfections of God.