No More Unto the Breach


Much to the disappointment of many good friends I have made the decision to remove a critique I posted last week of a troubling podcast.


I was naive. Actually I feel quite stupid. When I saw the charges of racism being leveled against me just moments ago I decided immediately I would not subject my family or the church I serve to such wickedness.


Any of the dozens of pastors I heard from who were deeply troubled by the podcast are certainly welcome to speak out. I will not blame them if they don't.


I've never been accused of being a racist before. When you see such a filthy charge in print it is stunning and sickening. I understand why it is such an effective tool to silence dissent.


Chalk it up as a learning experience.


I should add that neither my MOS co-hosts nor the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals wanted me to remove the post. In fact I feel quite bad for retreating. But I simply cannot subject the people in my life for whom I care so deeply to endure what was becoming an increasingly nasty ordeal.


I also want to thank Christina Edmondson with whom I shared a very cordial correspondence. Yesterday I asked Christina if she would be willing to write responses to some specific questions that arose from the Truth's Table podcast. Her responses would have been posted on this blog without any commentary or editing from me. She graciously accepted that invitation. I think it would have been a helpful experience.