Nine Marks Journal

The newest edition of the 9 Marks Journal is dedicated to the doctrine and implications of conversion. There are some excellent articles here folks. Check it out.

The Beauty of Conversion by Jared Wilson
To many, the Christian doctrine of conversion appears anything but beautiful. They say it’s coercive—“No one will force their beliefs on me!” Or it’s offensive—“Who are you to say that what I believe and how I live is wrong?”

His Arm Is Strong to Save: A Trajectory of Conversion in America by Owen Strachan
Historical changes in America’s doctrine of conversion show up in all sorts of interesting places.

Conversion and the Story of Israel by Thomas R. Schreiner
The New Testament doctrine of conversion doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s anticipated in the Old Testament story of Israel.

Conversion in the New Testament by Thomas R. Schreiner
The promise of redemption becomes a reality in the New Testament—a reality that includes a new covenant, a new exodus, new hearts, and a new creation.

Conversion, God, and the Whole Self by Stephen J. Wellum
Conversion is absolutely necessary for salvation. Why? Because of what our problem is, who God is, and what the gospel demands.

The Corporate Component of Conversion by Jonathan Leeman
Does your doctrine of conversion include the body of Christ? If not, it may be time to rethink it.

Book Review: Revival and Revivalism

The Underestimated Pastoral Power of a Proper Doctrine of Conversion by Jonathan Leeman
Conversion unleashes the power of a new creation life, which is the power our people need.

Conversion and Your Church’s Architecture by Jeramie Rinne
Here’s what one pastor learned through a blocked building project about the link between doctrine and practice.

How “Belonging before Believing” Redefines the Church by Michael Lawrence
“Belonging before believing” is an attractive and seemingly effective idea, yet it fundamentally redefines the church. This article offers a better, more biblical way.

Concepts of Conversion in the Inner City by Shai Linne
From the Nation of Islam to mainline churches to the beginnings of a theological rebirth, this article canvasses concepts of conversion in the inner cities of America.

Testimonies of the Underestimated Gospel
9Marks asked all the T4G plenary and break-out speakers and panelists to provide us with a one sentence answer to this question: What were the human means and instruments of your conversion?

Six Ways to Give Your People False Assurance by Michael McKinley
Many people in our churches have a firm but unfounded belief that they are genuinely converted. Here are six ways pastors contribute to that problem.

Book Review: Finally Alive