New book on Adam and Eve

I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my copy of John Collins' new book Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?

Dr. Collins is both a man of science (trained at MIT) and a Hebrew scholar. He teaches at Covenant Theological Seminary and has been
an important voice in the discussion about the relationship between faith and science.

I am thrilled that he has made the subject of the historicity of Adam and Eve the focus of his latest book.

Publisher's Description: Examines the biblical-theological evidence for a real Adam and Eve and asserts their importance for modern life.

"We need a real Adam and Eve if we are to make sense of the Bible and of life," argues C. John Collins. Examining the biblical storyline as the worldview story of the people of God, Collins shows how that story presupposes a real Adam and Eve and how the modern experience of human life points to the same conclusion.

Applying well-informed critical thinking to questions raised by theologians and scientists alike, Collins asserts that only a real man could participate in God's plan to use his human partners to bring blessing to the whole creation, a blessing that requires "redemption" for all people since sin entered the world.

Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? addresses both biblical and Jewish texts and contains extensive appendices to examine how the material in Genesis relates to similar material from Mesopotamian myths. Collins's detailed analysis of the relevant texts will instill confidence in readers that the traditional Christian story equips them better than any alternatives to engage the life that they actually encounter in the modern world.