My Hopes for General Assembly 2017


There is no avoiding the fact that there are deep divisions within the PCA. When “us versus them” language is used routinely it is clear that we have separated into competing camps. That is sad but certainly not unprecedented. These sorts of divisions and competing visions seem to always happen within denominations. I also know that all of us in the PCA, regardless of which side we find ourselves on, truly desire the denomination to be God-glorifying.

General Assembly 2017 will be gathering in Greensboro, NC next week. Committee members will begin arriving Sunday and Monday to begin their work. On Tuesday evening the Assembly will gather to worship and begin its business. Please pray that the Lord’s church will be well cared for during those days.

The following are a few hopes I have for myself during that week and beyond:


That I would pray before I speak.

That I would take my thoughts captive for Christ.

That I would be hopeful and not cynical.

That I would assume the best about my brothers with whom I disagree.

That I would rejoice in any news that the gospel is being made known.

That I would not see any of my brothers as an enemy.

These are all things in which I need to grow. I will keep this list before me during the week. I trust that by God’s grace I will continue to see progress in my life.

I am a conservative. That’s no surprise. I don’t want the PCA drift leftward as most denominations tend to do. In order to keep that from happening, strong stands will have to be taken. People will need to be willing to be accused of being strident and harsh. Certain overtures will need to be opposed or championed. I understand that. I hope to contribute whatever may be helpful and carefully avoid being counterproductive. Most of all I hope to, along with our Lord’s church, be more thoroughly conformed to Christ.