Mohler on Franke

Al Mohler has posted a review of John Franke's new book "Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth." Dr. Fanke is a professor at Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, PA (outside Philadelphia). Franke is a post-modern theologian well known for his connection to the emergent church movement.

Mohler writes:

In recent years, John R. Franke, a professor at Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, has been among the foremost proponents of the embrace of a postmodern worldview. A major figure in the emergent church, Franke has been a significant critic of modern evangelicalism. In his new book, Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth, Franke offers an argument that pushes the postmodern envelope and offers what amounts to a completely new way of understanding truth. Truth, Franke argues, is inherently plural.

Franke's new book is part of the "Living Theology" series published by Abingdon Press in cooperation with Emergent Village. The book deserves close attention, for it presents a vision of truth we are sure to confront in years to come.

From the onset, Franke speaks honestly of his frustration when asked about his understanding of truth. "Personally I will admit that I am beginning to find the question more than a little annoying," he states. Franke forcefully insists that he does believe in truth, but manifold witness presents an understanding of truth that amounts to postmodernism in full force.

Read the entire review HERE.