Mega-Pastors and Mega-Money

The air out there in the evangelical atmosphere continues to get more noxious. In recent days it has been revealed that Mars Hill Church in Seattle spent over $210,000 to market the pastor's book Real Marriage.

If you are wondering if it sounds a bit fishy for a church to spend over $200,000 of tax free charitably given money to market a for-profit book in order to enrich the church's pastor then you may be on to something.

Major news outlets are on to the story and once again certain celebrity pastors are lending credibility to the old story that all churches and pastors care about is money. I truly believe that Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church must publically repent. I would also suggest that Mark Driscoll step down as pastor in hopes that some of the damage done to the reputation of Christ and his bride can be repaired.