Mapping Sin

Scott Clark at Heidelblog has a link to a fascinating study done at Kansas State University.

Researchers at Kansas State University have created a map of the prevalence of the Seven Deadly Sins (envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath) across the USA through statistical analysis (HT: John Bales). A writer from the Las Vegas Sun gives an account of the project here. I highlighted “wrath” simply because of the apparent (assuming the validity of the analysis) contrast between the so-called “rust belt” states around the Great Lakes (where it is often cold) and the “sun belt”
states where it is often hot. I’m not suggesting that people are intrinsically or really less sinful in the cold than in the heat (that puts one in mind of Leonard Jeffries) but one does wonder about the effect of circumstances upon external behavior (which is all the researchers can measure). Certainly I thought the “sloth” map was telling and it resonates with my limited experience. The culture of work in Southern California is rather different from where I was raised. On the other hand, judging by what I’ve seen when I’m back home I think they missed the mark on the “gluttony” measure. I don’t think that west Texas has that all locked up frankly.

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