Kruger Reviews Enns

Dr. Michael Kruger of Reformed Theological Seminary has written a helpful, clear, and appropriately corrective review of Dr. Peter Enns' (Eastern University) newest book The Bible Tells Me So.
Dr. Kruger explains Dr. Enns' project:
Enns is pushing back against another core historical tenet of the Christian faith: our belief about Scripture—what it is and what it does. The Bible isn’t doing what we think it’s doing, he argues. It doesn’t provide basically reliable historical accounts (instead, it’s often filled with myth and rewritten stories). It doesn’t provide consistent theological instruction (about, say, the character of God). And it doesn’t provide clear teaching about how to live (ethics, morality, Christian living). Although Christians have generally always believed these things about Scripture, Enns contends that scholars now know they simply aren’t true. And when Christians try to hold onto such beliefs, it only leads to fear, stress, anxiety, and infighting. Like [Rob] Bell, Enns is positioned as a liberator able to set believers free from a Bible that just doesn’t work the way they want it to.
Read Dr. Kruger's review HERE.
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