Keller and Carson on the Elephant Room

Tim Keller and D.A. Carson have written a helpful article on the Elephant Room controversy. I would encourage you to take the time to read it. If you are not used to reading about biblical interpretation, their second point ("Biblicism One and Biblicism Two") is very important. Please read carefully and digest it. They help correct the fallacy of "I'm into the Bible, not creeds."

Carson and Keller also respond to those who say that the Elephant Room provided an important opportunity for brothers to converse in order to see if there could be agreement. However, as the authors point out, it is no secret what T.D. Jakes believes and preaches.

Talking with T. D. Jakes in ER2 has been cast as listening to someone first before we say anything critical of him. Relationships precede evaluation. Anyone who ventures a critical evaluation of Pastor Jakes before ER2 is simply being judgmental. With respect, this argument does not hold up to either Scripture or reason. Pastor Jakes is not a private individual about whom some people might have heard a few negative things. If that were the case, it would be imperative to uncover the truth before passing on what would in that case be nothing more than gossip. Pastor Jakes, however, is a public individual. He himself publishes his views in various media; they circulate widely. He is read and heard around the world. Not long ago in a Christian bookshop in South Africa, one of the writers of this article discovered that the author with the greatest number of books on the shelf was T. D. Jakes. It is the responsibility of Christian pastors to become aware of such a preacher and teacher if his works are significantly influencing their own flocks. To imagine that no fair evaluation is possible before an ER2-type public event does not square with apostolic practice. When in 2 Corinthians 10-13 Paul learns of interlopers who are preaching another Jesus, he does not begin by arranging a fireside chat. The content and direction of the interlopers' ministry is already public, and Paul confronts it.
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