Just in case you think I've changed my opinion...

With my recent posts on abortion there may be some of you that are thinking I have changed my opinion on the role of politics in the church. This is far from true. Again, abortion is not a political issue. It is a moral issue and the church has a responsibility to speak the truth to those who shape our laws.

Regarding politics and the upcoming presidential election let me remind you that we are not at the mercy of any president or political party. God is sovereign. It is God who ordains those who govern us. That is not to say that our attitude ought to be fatalistic. But we must remember that God both establishes and brings down kingdoms. The heart of the king is like a stream in the Lord's hand and He directs it wherever He wills.

Tom Ascol at Founder's Ministries has recently written:

The only thing worse than the political campaigns are the apocalyptic warnings that are being sounded from the right and the left. Somehow, it seems to be more fitting coming from the latter than the former--not because I agree with the left. Hardly. But because so many on the right are quick to invoke God, the Bible and Jesus in getting out the vote.Lest I be dismissed as a pietist or a liberal, let me simply restate
my views
on these issues.

I recognize the church has a prophetic role to play in relation to political powers. "Speaking truth to power" may have been sloganized by liberals but it is an apt description of the church's responsibility to civil authorities. This is a part of the church's calling as the pillar and ground of the truth.

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