John MacArthur Responds

It may surprise many Christians to know how many of their fellows do not believe in the necessity of faith in Christ if one is to be saved. But it is common among Chritsians to believe that there are other ways to salvation for those who never hear the Gospel. But is this what the Bible teaches? The idea is that it would be unfair of God to judge in hell those who never hear the Gospel. But long before a person is responsible for denying the Gospel they are guilty before a holy God because they are sinners. People go to hell because they are separated from God, dead in their sins and trespasses whether they hear the Gospel or not.

If the only thing that makes a person responsible to God is conscious rejection of the gospel then the cruelest thing we can do is world missions. As soon as we share Christ with someone they become responsible. I they reject Christ then they risk hell fire. If they remained ignorant then all will be well. It would be better by far to simply leave them be.


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