Is he really seeing things?

Mark Driscoll has famously said that God has spoken audibly to him. Driscoll reports that God gave him audible commands to become a pastor, marry his wife, and plant a church. There are a lot of things I appreciate about Mark Driscoll. He has been a stalwart champion of sound doctrine, expositional preaching, evangelism, and biblical sexual ethics. However, I have also been frustrated by some of his very public missteps. And, this may sound harsh, but I do not believe that Mark heard the audible voice of God. This is where I believe his doctrine begins to stray.

The idea of a man receiving direct revelation from God during our time of redemptive history is, I believe, a denial of the sufficiency of Scripture and a gateway into various dangers.

Recently, Driscoll told his congregation that he "sees things." It goes down hill, drastically, from there.

Phil Johnson explains quite well the problems with Driscoll's theology of direct revelation HERE.