How I am going to pray for President Obama

It seems inevitable that Barack Obama will be our next President. Some of my previous posts should indicate clearly what I think about the election results. But we do not base our joy or sense of identity on presidents or any other political leaders. What is clear from Scripture is that God is sovereign and no one comes to a position of power apart from the wise providence of God. That does not mean that all kings, presidents, senators, and judges are good or qualified. History and the witness of Scripture prove this.

What is also clear from Scripture is that it is the duty of Christians to honor those in civil leadership (Romans 13:1-7). This does not mean that the ruler's character is always worthy of honor. Nor does it mean that we are to obey the authorities if obeying them would put us at odds with what God has commanded. But all things remaining equal we must pray for our new president whether we voted for him or not.

So here is how I intend on praying for President Obama:
1. That he and his family will be kept safe from harm.
2. That he will seek to honor the Lord in his governing.
3. That he will be wise.
4. That he will surround himself with wise advisors.
5. That he will repent of his position on abortion.
6. That he will take seriously the threat of evil-doers against the U.S.
7. That he will sever ties with radicals (William Ayers) and racists (Jeremiah Wright).

While many of us will disagree with much of President Obama's decisions and beliefs we nevertheless must do what is right. If I am called to pray for my enemies then I can certainly pray for my president.