Holding your breath under water

Michael Jensen has written a terrific article concerning biblical sexual ethics and how the church has often become counterproductive in the ways it teaches about sex.

Jensen writes:

Or again: we speak about marriage as if it is like some kind of no holds barred festival of sex and sexual intimacy, without sexual frustration or failure, and without the discovery of mismatched desire. This puts an unreasonable level of expectation on marriages and intensifies the feeling that to be single is to be missing out. We rightly want to celebrate sex as God's good gift, to show that the Christian understanding of human sexuality is not a form of horror at the sexual. But some preachers are beginning to sound more like sex therapists than prophets. Preaching about sex is sexy. It will get you attention, if you are a preacher. But too often, by holding out the promise of marriage as a carnival of raunch it is just doing what porn does: offering a fantasy of sex instead of the real thing.

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