Friends in Low Places

This is a tidbit from Newspring Church in Anderson, South Carolina. Newspring is part of the new breed of mega-church which entices people to come with all the trappings of entertainment. Perry Noble, the pastor of Newspring was in a series called "American Idol" when this song was performed. How innovative.

I get criticized when I call attention to such foolishness but what are we to do? Are we to be silent? Are we supposed to lay back and surrender to pragmatism and the idolatry of the crowd?

Friends, what we win people with is what we win them to. If we "win" people with a show then it is a show that they will expect. If we "win" them with positive thinking, self-help, use the Bible sparingly types of messages then that is what they will expect. We may produce attenders with such approaches but there will be precious few converts.

Perhaps Jason can kick things off at Metro East this week with "Whiskey River" by Willie Nelson.