False Doctrine, Polemics, and Naming Names

In the history of God's people it has been a necessary practice to identify false teaching and, yes, those who are responsible for it. It seems however that all too often the effite American church has a distaste for hurting the feelings of false teachers. But when the shepherds of God's people do not identify those wolves who teach lying doctrines then they do violence to the people of God.

The book "Beyond the Bounds: Open Theism and the Undermining of Biblical Christianity" is an oustanding example of polemics done well. You can order the book HERE. Also Desiring God has made it available for free download HERE.


Here is a weighty tract for the times, in which a dozen Reformed scholars survey the “open theism” of Pinnock, Sanders, Boyd, and colleagues, and find it a confused, confusing, and unedifying hypothesis that ought to be declared off limits. Some pages are heavy sledding, but
the arguing is clear and strong, and the book is essential reading for all who are caught up in this discussion.
Professor of Theology
Regent College

The downsized deity of open theism is a poor substitute for the real God of historic Christianity—as taught by Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox theologians through the centuries. This book offers an important analysis and critique of this sub-Christian view of God. Well researched and fairly presented.
Dean of Beeson Divinity School
Samford University