Dangerous Calling

Coming to Church of the Saviour this weekend!

For all of the excitement and privilege of pastoral ministry in the local church, it is important to remember that ministry with, to and for the Body of Christ is accompanied by a unique set of obstacles and temptations. Successful, God-honoring, productive pastoral ministry in the church is never just a matter of mastering the requisite body of information and possessing the right set of skills. Pastoral ministry in the local church is always shaped by the condition of your heart. What are the issues that are at the heart of ministry struggle and failure? What are the protections that need to be built into the life of every pastor? How do we assure that the message of the transforming grace of Jesus Christ is not only operating in the lives of those being ministered to, but in the one doing ministry as well?

Dangerous Calling is designed for those in pastoral ministry and those who care about them. If you are a ministry leader (especially a pastor) this conference is for you. It would also be enormously helpful for elders and laypersons to attend in order to gain better insight into their pastor's life, his struggles, and his unique tempations with an eye toward helping them become healthier

Registration - $25