Coming Up On Mortification of Spin

On Friday, Carl and I spent the better part of the day recording new epismortification of spin3.jpgodes of the Mortification of Spin. We were joined by the Housewife Theologian herself, Aimee Byrd to talk about things like modesty, Halloween and the theology of preaching. We also spent some time with Gloria Furman about life and church in Dubai. Additionally we had a great time chatting with the Pyromaniacs, Dan Phillips and Frank Turk, about Cessationism and whether or not God speaks to us outside his Word. We interviewed Dr. Denny Burk about his excellent new book What Is The Meaning of Sex? Carl and I also took time to discuss the work of elders and deacons.

I must also mention that Carl dubbed me the Meatloaf of Reformed theology. This was troubling to be sure but probably not nearly as bad as my crowning Carl the Elton John of Reformed theology.