Can we live without Adam and Eve? recently posted my response to Dr. Karl Giberson who has written that while Christianity can afford lose Adam and Eve, it cannot lose it's theistic evolutionists. Strange reasoning to be sure.
Giberson does us quite a favor in the final words of his article which read: “Christianity can survive the loss of Adam and Eve. What is not so clear is whether evangelical Christianity can survive the loss of so many of its scholars.” This is a stunning admission. For Karl Giberson, the survival of evangelical Christianity rests upon the presence of scholars rather than the accuracy of the claims of Scripture. Whether he knows it or not Dr. Giberson has surfaced an issue upon which we agree: This is a matter of authority. Who will have the final authority? God’s divinely given Word or an ill-defined company of “scholars?” While Giberson is alarmed at the prospect of Christianity losing “many of its scholars” he’s rather sanguine about the possibility of losing the very metanarrative of God’s Word upon which rests the gospel itself.
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