Calvinism in the SBC

This week the MOS podcast features an interview with Dr. Tom Acol on the subject of Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention. When I came to embrace the Doctrines of Grace as a young SBC pastor Tom Ascol and Founder’s Ministries were a big help for me. The issue of Calvinism continues to be a bone of contention for many. But the fact remains that the Southern Baptist founders were committed to the Doctrines of Grace and enshrined them in their first confession of faith: The Abstract of Principles. Ironically, the Baptist Faith and Message clearly affirms unconditional election and monergistic regeneration, doctrines it seems that the majority of Southern Baptist pastors and lay persons deny. Dr. Ascol briefly introduces us to the history of the Southern Baptist Convetion and points out the factors that contributed to a growing doctrinal ambivalence that characterized the denomination for many years. But things have been getting better. With the rediscovery of the Doctrines of Grace by many within the SBC, Dr. Ascol now feels comfortable going outdoors during daylight hours. 


Dear Timothy by Tom Ascol 

Calvinism: A Southern Baptist Dialogue  

By His Grace and for His Glory by Tom Nettles