Biblical Commands and Redemptive History

"We live in a church culture that tends to separate biblical commands and principles from the rest of Scripture. We look at specific verses about communication and seek to apply them to our lives without understanding the way they are rooted in the history and theology of Scripture. We miss the big picture – the way the rest of Scripture gives these commands their meaning and rationale. The commands and principles of Scripture flow from the theology of Scripture. More than that, they find their hope and meaning in the person and work of Christ.

“For example, the only reason it makes sense to do good to your enemies is that the One who has told us to is a God of perfect justice. The call to forgive sacrificially is rooted in God’s promise to provide for all of our needs. Every command and principle has its roots in redemptive realities – what God has done and will do for us in Christ. This is theology – but it’s certainly not abstract information. Scripture is full of theology because when you understand the truth about God, you understand why and how you are to carry out the commands of Scripture. You understand how your actions connect with what God is doing, and how you can actually bring glory to his name."

– Paul Tripp, War of Words, pp. 69-70.