"Be Ye Nice"?

One of the things that characterize contemporary evangelicalism is the aesthetic of niceness. Evangelicals will tolerate charlatans and false teachers. What they will not tolerate is anyone who violates the canons of niceness.

In this episode of Mortification of Spin, we address the ill-defined but ruthlessly enforced rules of niceness with our guest Dan Phillips.
"Dispy Dan" Phillips drops by the West Virginian tavern the gang seems to find themselves in to talk bad about niceness. Is it wrong to be mean in conservative Evangelicalism? Is niceness the highest calling for a Christian? It's proposed as the end-all of Christian life, but is this really the case? Writing as a "pyro-maniac" for years, Dan has become something of an expert in Evangelical niceness. Listen to Dan and the crew make even more enemies and dig themselves even further in.