Be Home Soon

I trust your Christmas was a joyous one. We spent time at both sets of grandparents (Pattonsburg, MO & Springfield, MO). The kids seemed to have a good time playing with cousins, etc. On the way out we ran into some nasty weather in Illinois. But the forcasts for Tomorrow and Tuesday call for sunny skies from Springfield to Philly. Thankful for that.

I received an IPod from my wife for Christmas. You are probably thinking that I am woefully behind the technological curve and you are right. But I am catching up. Anyway, I am loving it. There are so many free sermons and lectures for download. Covenant Seminary, Monergism mp3s, Desiring God, Al Mohler and others have great resources. You can link to all of those and more in the "audio" section of this blog. Check it out!

Can't wait to be back at COS and the pulpit in a few days. I will be preaching from Psalm one on January fourth. The next Sunday I will be preaching a message on prayer to kick off Prayer Week 09. Phil Ryken will be our special guest on Monday evening of that week. It will be a blessing to have Dr. Ryken in the pulpit. On January 11th I will begin a series of messages called "The Gospel-Driven Church." I am excited about the vision that God is going to form in us during those days.