Athiests Unite!

Al Mohler has written about Richard Dawkins new campaign to "out" well known atheists (Outing Atheists -- Richard Dawkins Launches New Campaign). His hope is that bringing more atheists into the open will help to popularize their movement. What a fun bunch of folks they must be!

Dr. Dawkins is a brilliant scientist but his latest book "The God Delusion" demonstrates the truth that a good scientist does not a philosopher make. You can read a wonderful refutation of Dawkins' book by Alister McGrath. It is called "The Dawkins Delusion." McGrath is a former atheist turned Anglican theologian and chruch historian. He holds degrees in molecular biology and theology. "The Dawkins Delusion" deserves a place in the library of any Christian who wants to be well armed with the truth in a day of rising atheism.