I wonder if you would know how to answer Bill Maher.
Is there a difference between faith and reason?
Is it rational to believe in the God of the Bible?
How would you defend the rationality of faith in Christ?
How would you explain the appropriateness of God's jealousy?

I have to admit that I am empathetic with Bill Maher. Some of the stuff that Christians peddle is nothing short of ridiculous. I have a "Bible Bar" and "Your Best Life Now" Board Game in my office to prove it. I wonder how often our goofiness gets in the way of our witness? Even Senator Prior concluded that faith in the Genesis account (wrongly characatured by Maher) was probably unintelligent. Of course the likes of Al Mohler, Cornelius Plantinga, and Ravi Zacharius are noticably absent from his film. I don't think Maher would fare well against great minds.

Maher's problem however is not just with the stranger elements within evangelicalism. He is openly scandalized not only by the idea of God but even more by the message of the gospel. For this there is no remedy save the grace of God breathing life into into his unregenerate heart.