A World of Difference

In this morning's sermon I mentioned Dr. Peter Jones' excellent book One Or Two: Seeing a World of Difference.
Walking around in a blur? Afraid to talk about Jesus? Not sure how Christians fit with other religions? One or Two will help you see a world of difference between the only two worldviews: the worship of the creation (what this book calls One-ism) or worship of the Creator (Two-ism). Using the apostle Paul’s structure in Romans 1, Peter Jones shows why your choice affects everything you think and do: how you think about God (theology), what you worship (spirituality) and how you live your sexuality. Seeing a world of difference and distinctions will help you make a world of difference.
“Peter Jones has no peer in exposing the bankruptcy of the New Age and Neo Gnostic thinking.  This work is a tour de force.  I encourage Christians to read it and become aware of how this New Spiritualist thinking is negatively affecting our every day lives.”
— R. C. Sproul, Founder and Chairman of Ligonier Ministries

“Please read this book! The church in America is desperate for believers who understand our present battle and are equipped to respond.”
— Francis Chan, Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley, CA

“One or Two offers a provocative, accessible, and urgent message that we ignore to our peril – and that of our non-Christian neighbors.”
— Michael Horton, Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary, CA
Also, I would encourage you to check out Dr. Jones' ministry TruthXchange.

You can find out more about Peter Jones HERE and HERE.

 "A scene in The Lord of the Rings, shows the band of heroes hopelessly surrounded by orcs in the Mines of Moriah. Then, miraculously, the ugly crowd, in a squealing frenzy, dissolves into the shadows. Relief registers on the travelers until... a far more fearsome enemy emerges from the depths of the earth: a Balrog, demon from the beginning of time. Christians were relieved when secular humanism, long-time enemy of biblical supernaturalism, scurried off into the shadows. Little did we realize that a demon from the beginning of time threatens our Fellowship of the King. That demon comes in disguise, offering spiritual help from the one place where it cannot be found: within the human soul."
- Peter Jones, from One or Two