A preoccupation with homosexuality?

Perhaps you have noticed the near tidal wave of articles, books, and blog posts reaffirming what the Bible says about sexual ethics, particularly homosexuality. "What is this pre-occupation with homosexuality?" you may be wondering.

What is with all these responses is that they are just that: responses. The ever-expanding big tent called evangelicalism is producing an increasing number of voices advocating for the normalization of homosexuality generally and same-sex marriage specifically. There are others who don't go quite that far but express a sort of agnosticism suggesting that the Bible is not at all clear concerning homosexuality.

So, Christians who believe the Bible (rather redundant isn't it?) do what they have always done: contend for the authority and clarity of God's Word. And God's Word is exceedingly clear concerning homosexuality. It is sin. It is, like all sin, damning. But it is also the sort of sin that does profound damage emotionally, relationally, and physically as well.

The following is a sampling of particularly helpful articles on the subject:
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Of course, part of the declaration of clear Biblical truth must also be the invitation for sinners to repent and receive the mercy of Christ. That mercy is available to all who repent and believe.

In this post I link to some excellent resources focused on bringing hope and healing to those who struggle with same-sex attraction.