A New Conference!

You won't want to miss the new conference sponsored by the good folks at Mortification of Spin.

It is entitled "LOITER."

We can hardly wait!

When - TBD 

Where - A small OPC church somewhere in flyover country. 

Cost - $1.25 (plus tax)

Speakers - You've never heard of them.

Plenary Sessions:

1. "Read Your Bible. Jesus Already Called."

2. "De-Mythologizing Voskamp"

3. "Beth Moore / Less Filling." 

Special Features: Loiter attendees will be treated to various creative expressions making it a safe place for artists. Carl Trueman will be interpreting through dance the works of John Owen. Todd Pruitt will perform highlights from the compositions of J.S. Bach on the triangle. And Aimee Byrd will treat one lucky attendee to a cage match featuring nunchucks and various bladed weapons. 

We hope to see you at the first annal LOITER conference!