A Follow-Up to My Post on Denny's Article


Denny Burk and I have been corresponding today concerning my post from yesterday. Understandably Denny takes strong exception to my conclusions. And while his disagreements with my conclusions have been vigorous, his tone has been Christlike. 


To sum up I was happy to hear that Denny does indeed fully affirm the equality of the Son and the Father in the eternal Godhead. 


Denny takes me to task for accusing him of denying ontological unity between the Persons of the Godhead. I do not deny that Denny fully affirms the deity of the Son. That is not in question. For me, the confusion comes in with the terminology used such as "eternal Godhead." We may have a major disagreement on how we understand that. Denny also asserts that this difference of equality between Son and Father existed prior to the incarnation. Apparently I am drawing a conclusion from that statement far different from what he intended.  


I remain confused about Denny's article as written. I have corresponded with quite a few individuals about it. That correspondence has included systematic theologians and fellow pastors who read the article precisely the same way I read it.


That said, Denny is a brother in Christ and an honorable man and I take him at his word.


I have also extended to Denny an invitation to post a response to me on this blog. If he chooses to respond elsewhere I will post a link.