A Follow-up on the VanDrunen Interview

Carl and Aimee,
I am wondering if you have received any criticism on our interview with David VanDrunen on MOS. I have not received any directly. But I did run across a few Facebook comments that were rather critical (social media makes men quite brave). Anyway, the criticisms were completely vague except for a few which were mainly critical of VanDrunen and 2K theology. As best I can figure out we are criticized for not challenging VanDrunen. Obviously these are folks who have a very low opinion of 2K. 
Here are a few thoughts running through my head:
1. I am not persuaded by 2K theology. I do understand that the church is not the state. I do understand that the church’s primary responsibility is to worship God and proclaim His Word not seek the transformation of the culture. Also, I did find VanDrunen’s Living in God’s Two Kingdoms to be quite helpful. That said, some of the things I hear from the 2K camp seem to suggest that the church has no responsibility to push back against the darkness in this fallen world.
2. I am not a “tranformationalist.” I am very skeptical of Gospel-centered pastries and redemptive pottery. 
3. Some of the advocates of 2K and Transformationlism send me running in the opposite directions. 
4. The three of us do not occupy the same place along the 2K/Transformationalist continuum. 
5. The purpose of MOS is not to criticize our guests. 
6. The next interview that airs on MOS is going to make the 2K folks really mad.
7. Which group do you want to make angry next?