A Disturbing Precedent?

A New Hampshire judge has recently ordered a homeschooling mother to enroll her daughter in public school because the child, "appeared to reflect her mother's rigidity on questions of faith." I remember not long ago certain evangelicals being called paranoid for warning that this sort of thing would soon begin to occur.

As the Washington Post reports:
"If you've ever wondered why conservative evangelical Chrisitans seem so concerned about the dangers of government intervention in our lives, read a recent New Hampshire court ruling that 10-year-old Amanda -- who has been home schooled by her religiously conservative mother since first grade -- must now attend public school."

Read the entire article HERE.

Check out THIS STORY from The Wall Street Journal about Amanda and another girl who fled to Florida from Ohio after becoming a Christian because her Muslim father threatened to kill her.

Also, THIS EPISODE of the Al Mohler Radio Program is dedicated to the homeschooling case from New Hampsire. Take time to listen.