9 Marks Journal

The new 9 Marks Journal is focused on the topic of the sufficiency of Scripture. Specifically the writers deal with whether or not the Scriptures are sufficient to govern the polity and worship of the church.

Why New Testament Polity is Prescriptive by Bobby Jamieson

Contextualizing Ecclesiology by Ed Roberts

I Was A Pragmatist by Jeramie Rinne

The Sufficiency of Scripture by Carl Trueman

When Is Pragmatism Prudent by Jamie Dunlop

The Twin Temptations of Pragmatism and Authoritarianism by Jonathan Leeman

Regulative Like Jazz by Jonathan Leeman

Must All Regulative Principle Churches Look The Same? by Tripp Lee

What About Movie Clips?  by Aaron Menikoff

Does The Regulative Principle Demand Exclusive Psalmody? by Robert Letham


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