Same-sex marriage

There’s a great deal of confusion about the nature of temptation and same-sex attraction. Many Christians, even pastors and theologians, some of whom are ostensibly Reformed, believe that same-sex temptation is not a sin. For them, sin only occurs when the act itself takes place. Others affirm that...
According to President Barack Obama, "we are all more free" as a result of the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage last month -- a claim that disturbed me slightly more than images of the White House bathed in rainbow-colored light in celebration of that decision. Obama's claim,...
I am truly not shocked by the recent announcement by Rich Stearns that World Vision will now employ homosexuals so long as they are "married." Anyone paying attention to World Vision in recent years has noticed a gradual movement away from certain distinctives that once made evangelicalism...


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