Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God Jonathan and James invite Joel Beeke to the podcast to discuss the outstanding documentary Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God , tracing Puritanism from its birth to its modern influence. Dr. Beeke—president of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary,...
John Donne – Poet of Grace and Comfort In 1623, when a sudden illness brought the poet and preacher John Donne close to death, he expressed his lament with words that may sound relevant during our coronavirus pandemic: “Variable and therefore miserable condition of man! This minute I was well, and...
Derek Thomas Articles
J. I. Packer's endorsement of John Owen's treatment of sin in an introduction to the 1983, Multnomah Press edition of Owen's writings on sin, Sin and Temptation, contained the following effusive words: He told me how to understand myself as a Christian and live before God in a morally and...
Tony Layzelle
The theology of Richard Baxter has an intriguing complexity to it. Baxter has been described by his opponents as a Calvinist, an Amyraldian, an Arminian, a Roman Catholic and even as a Socinian. As a result many have simply resorted to the term "Baxterian" in an attempt to label his theology. In...


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