Have you heard that ancient Chinese curse which parents would proclaim on only the most disobedient of their children? The parent, looking at their bad kid, would proclaim: “O, may you live in interesting times!” Turn on the news and you may be tempted to think that that curse is our reality -...
The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self - Part 1 Jonathan and James receive the visit of a close friend who has written one of the most significant books of 2020. Carl Trueman is the co-host of Mortification of Spin —another podcast from the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals—and professor of...
Giving the Devil His Due: Demonic Authority in the Fiction of Flannery O'Connor and Fyodor Dostoevsky By Jessica Hooten Wilson Cascade Books, 2017 156 pages, paper, $21.00 It is a sad and tragic irony that many private Christian schools do not teach Flannery O'Connor. I say it is sad and tragic...


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