baptism mayhem

Now that we have spread out into part 5 of a 4-part series, there's a question I did not answer last time because it was much more serious than the other questions which have been added to this discussion by those who disagree with me about baptizing babies. I have gotten a few versions of the...
Closing Thoughts/Parting Shots/One Liners Well, they tell me it's been an exciting week here at Ref21 (that's what they tell me - we should try calling out antinomianism in divorced Christian music artists if we really want to light up the phone banks), but all good things must come to an end...
I've been asked by the cabal of nameless puppet masters who run Ref21 to take a time-out while Dr. Jones formulates his response to my first two parts of the "Just Add Water" series, and I'll be doing that. I look forward to discovering a lot about the continuity of the covenant as so forth, and to...
This is the second of 4 parts in response to Dr. Mark Jones on the question and meaning of Baptism and the Lord's table as the question stands between Baptistic types who practice a closed table and Presbyterian types who practice a more-open table. Two items as caveats, as listed previously,...
Well, I was going to go on a bit more about the necessity of the local church in the posts headed to this space, but our dear brother in Christ Dr. Mark Jones has done what Presbyterians are prone to do when they interact with Baptists about Baptism, and as the new resident Baptist here I guess it'...


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