Blog 82: 2.15.1 - 2.15.4

Justin Taylor
Jesus the Christ has the threefold office of prophet, priest, and king-but we must not only know these names but must also press through to see their purpose and use. In these sections Calvin looks at what it means for Christ to be prophet and king.
As prophet (section 2) the Anointed Messiah brings about perfect doctrine full of perfect wisdom putting an end to all prophecies.
Moving next to Christ's spiritual kingdom and kingship (sections 3-4), Calvin shows that the "eternal power" of Christ from his "eternal throne" ensures "the everlasting preservation of the church." The full fruit of Christ's protection and defense awaits the age to come.
It is only in eternity that we will experience full and final happiness, and we must not think that life in this age is one of perfect peace or prosperity. But in this age we are enriched by Christ with all things necessary for eternal life and fortified with courage to stand against our spiritual enemies. Our King, Calvin says, will never leave or forsake us but will provide for us until we triumph in him. By graciously giving to us what he has received from the Father, we are provided with "confidence to struggle fearlessly against the devil, sin, and Satan" and bear much fruit.
May God indeed continue to equip his church to be fearlessly faithful and fruitful for the fame of his Name.