Blog 49: 2.3.6 - 2.3.9

Sean Lucas

In this section, Calvin unpacks this statement: "God beings his good work in us, therefore, by arousing love and desire and zeal for righteousness in our hearts; or, to speak more correctly, by bending, forming, and directing, our hearts to righteousness. He completes his work, moreover, by confirming us in righteousness" (2.3.5; note his return to this language at the end of 2.3.9).

In the light of the pervasiveness and thoroughness of human depravity, our only hope is God's grace. God must begin this work and he must continue it in us. God must give a new heart (Ezek 36:26-27), a new will, good works, a longing for righteousness: the result is that "God [is] the author of spiritual life from beginning to end" (2.3.6). All our spiritual good comes not from ourselves but God (2.3.8). But God not only begins this work and sustains this work; by his grace, he also brings it to conclusion at the end of days.

Are you willing to bid farewell to your own labors, sufficiency, powers, abilities, and performance in order to rest completely on God's working in and through us? Have you come to the end of your own sufficiency in order to rest on the sufficiency of the Triune God's work for, in, and through you (2 Cor 2:14-3:6)? Will you stop robbing God his rightful glory in claiming anything for yourself in your spiritual choices or accomplishments? Will you sing the riches of God's grace?